What is life ?

A life is a phenomenon of breathing in a synchronous manner to exist in this universe. If you don’t breathe then you don’t exist. That’s natural way I could definie a life.

People now a days are more behind Money, Attraction and Fame. Who doesn’t wants it. But in the process of achieving their goal they forget about themselves and their life existence.

A true life is meant only if your life has the joy and madness to live the life the way it is coming towards you. No matter how tough it is to face but you do find a way by yourself and can next time tackle such kind of issues.

If you REJECT you will REGRET.”

Life in my point of view is inhaling the positive breath in you and exhaling the negative energies from you. Do it with joy and never regret for what you have cause you will have to manage to adjust yourself and fit into the nature so as to exist.

You will have enormous number of problems in life. The only way to tackle them is.

“If there is a storm in your path then just wait for the storm to calm down. Until then face the storm with a huge amount of your discipline and patience which is within you. “

You will be annoyed several times in your life but don’t worry it will only last for few minutes and then your brain will work again with a peaceful mind. Unless you want to work !

– A post by Poet Talks

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