Hoodwink ? It’s Risky !

“Trust is the first step for Hoodwinking “

Hoodwink doesn’t meaning an emoji with a particular type of feeling. But Hoodwink means to deceive or trick.

A person will always be ready to dupe you or your feelings. People do have many types of personalities that could attract you or distract you. Never the less that person doesn’t care about your grandiosity. He has a motive to Hoodwink you.

Questions can swindle your mind and affect your emotions at a particular moment, which results your mind will bungle to a thought or get stuck to a point where you have to obey the person and fulfill their thoughts.

“Lovers life Lovers Dupe”

Paltering with the most truthful statement made by a person is the most harmful person in the list. This type of case is mostly observed in the case of lovers. How a lover tries to make trustful statements and try to convince the partner to agree to fall in love with them. No matter whether the partner feels comfortable or uncomfortable.

Poet Talks

“You gotta breakup or makeup to it.”

2 thoughts on “Hoodwink ? It’s Risky !

  1. It was nice reading all the key points you took efforts to add up together and it’s a quite relatable blog for all the reader’s. Keep up the good work about how reality falls. Cheers


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