Am A Hail Gale

My soul yield a Hail, Even if a nail strikes my Brain
That’s not main or main stream So don’t even Scream
Your not the Ice Cream that is much supreme
Your neither my friend nor fan cause your incompatible to my gene
Even we don’t have a similar liking feelings in regret or jeans
That means I could Crane you out of my life if your mean
I would be highbrow as high as you could get your high brow
As deep sorrows you could pour, four horses bet Yankee

Am A Hail Gale, I would surpass all the Rail of the Life
I don’t even bother if you are Happy or surprised

I don’t elaborate myself Cause I really don’t believe in Elf.
My brain is your supporting shelf Don’t stand beneath it
Otherwise you would hurt yourself
Nowadays I don’t really sleep, I don’t really speak
I don’t know why but I don’t even dream
I think as I Wink I would breath as I drink
I never mind if I had a tees in Pink
I would wear it if it’s Ironed or Shrink
Cause I be me and you find me tough to LINK

” I have a Storm within me that’s whirling to fight against myself”

– Poet Talks

“My lighting could enlighten you ! Stay AWAY”

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