What else can I say now?

I was feeling guilt about how shall I talk to her,
It was just a few day that we got connected.

I felt it sinful of messaging her abruptly.
I was first time so nervous , scared really.
I started feeling to be part of her blood rally,
I felt she will ignore as I have bad calligraphy.

Eventually I just saw her

Eventually seeing here My blood flow was different
I know about my fate and This miss might be a miss fate
For me to grab a chair , Lite up the candle and take her out for a Date.
I don’t mind even if I ate, To see her blush and Smile I would Wait

Eventually I ponder about her


The day was shiny heart beat tiny i don’t flirt and I m not Whiny
I am helpless sleepless and restless by now But Honestly I m Shy by now
I do ponder about your sitting beside you just to make you happy
Your genuine and princess My majesty I would Bow

Eventually I started thinking of her

It was the time I was nervous curious and furious to talk to her
I was patient with patience but heart beat with higher variance
I suppose she might be having a duplicity boyfriend i hope she says bye Friend
These were my thoughts I was unable to put barrier on so wrote it down.
She is the princess I don’t know if she loves the poem or her hound

Eventually I spoke to her

I really don’t know how to initiate a conversation with her,
I don’t even Know if she will reply or say me just a verb,
To be honest If I was her, I wouldn’t be able to be as her,
Am a feather but I would be the feather to make angel out of her,
I believe she gives a thought on this as if She was me and I was her.


– Poet Talks

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