Lurking Mind

Brain comfort itself by lurking , stumbling and crawling finding it’s own path and methods of distractions from the real time mind process which you actually set it up.

There is no form of peace that it really wants or It should have. It is you who should be determined with what you want to do. I have faced problems due to my lurking mind. Many thoughts in my brain create an inferiority complex for me to exist in this world. But Failure are always a part of a practical life experiment.

Lurking Mind for me is always a common thing when I make music or write songs, the mind is so spontaneous with it’s action to react to anything else rather than what I should be doing. It never sticks to the plan and due to this I ended up making bad music, bad lyrics and poem writing schemes. I find it quite normal for a human being to have a lurking brain because that is how a human brain elaborates or explore about things around.

See as you can notice this content I am writing is so weird that it is actually showing how Lurking Mind would actually be.

Cause Brain always try to concise various thoughts in one word but that isn’t possible always .

I have failed in working on myself many times, I would say mostly always. I never thought I would be so much concern about my blog other than my engineering or Music Production. That’s what a lurking brain could give you a lot of Brain Damage Phase of Life and I cannot describe that all in just one Blog Page.

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