Is Life a Profit Or Loss Statement ?

I would rather have a diplomatic answer cause I don’t want businessmen or business minded people getting crazy about my post. But I sincerely don’t care about them but i respect their side because “Each coin has an own Tail (Tale) to describe .

Your businessman !?

To be very honest I would say Life is not a Profit or Loss Statement. Cause life is priceless until the terms of medical “where we need money to save a life.” So at that moment no one cares about Money so hence there is no profit or loss in Life.

In terms of Relationship if you start assuming a relationship is a formality thing for you so there you go and you find it a profit or loss cause nowadays only 3% in the world would actually love and wouldn’t mind about the money but just care about feelings. But if your partner sneaks on you and tries to change his taste then he is finding a profit in someone else and loss in you. That’s what I think would be in more commonly in relationship. Most of the relationships are ruined due to Profit and Loss statements.

I would be more precisely giving you the best example 98% of parents are actually loving their kids the actually love I mean which you wouldn’t find ever in your lover or endeavour on your dinner date. Parents do actually love and care for their children and it goes hand-in-hand. There is very less cases in the world those show that parents wanted favours from children. But to be honest I would say there is no way that parents and children bond in life are a statement of Profit or Loss.

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