Subdue your Fiasco

Everyone is having their own set of hurdles that they want to achieve or they want to subdue.

“A person without forging any kind of eyeshots (vision) in his life is a person who is fiasco”


Try to comprehend this matter of fact that a person without any kind of fiasco is not person. There is no such thing as a fiasco cause “If you think that you are facing a failure, then treat it as the first step of victory”.
Kings can win battles but God wins Life.

I want to comply that there is no such thing that only a specified person would win or get success cause that is wrong. So try to be more career oriented and bound within your career campus and grasp as much as you can learn about the thing you want to be or get success for.

Neither I am a good writer nor a good communicator : “I agree Buddy”! , But I know how to get my muddy fiasco cleaned. “After every dark night there is a bright sunshine”. 🌞

Never forget people who are leading world are just ordinary human who are trying to show their potential, will power , confidence , social life and money in their pocket.
Your brothers and sisters I mean would not care about you sometimes for what you are doing or what you want to do and be. As they are facing their own hurdles they can only comfort you with words and make you cozy by nurturing your soul.

“People will laugh at your ideas if you have any, Cause they just know how to buy an idea by just spending pennies.”


Newton, Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Galileo were the people who had the craze to just phrase their thoughts in the right place, they never put their ideas incase (in case πŸ’Ό) they made case for their ideas and placed them in it. So that whenever people will open them they will keenly understand what they really wanted to say.

“These intellectual personalities don’t want to showcase themselves to be in a spotlight.”

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